Power Units 4.0

Hydraulic power units 4.0

Future hydraulic power units will differ fundamentally from the assemblies we are accustomed to today. With its own intelligence and sensor technology, the latest generation already increased flexibility, energy efficiency and availability through condition monitoring. Simultaneously, the design has been changed to an extent previously not imaginable. The latest hydraulic power units are encapsulated, and

elektrohydraulishce Linearachsen

Self contained linear axis – the assemblies

Ideal combination of hydraulics and electrics The self-contained hydraulic assemblies combine a servo drive with a hydraulic pump, a control block and hydraulic cylinders as well as safety valves and sensors to an axis with ist own fluid circuit. Differentiation self contained linear axis from conventional hydraulics Completely ready-to-install and maintenance-free SHAs offer users with

Electro hydraulic drives: The Fitness program

Electro hydraulic drives: Made in heaven

Jake Mitchell of Bosch Rexroth highlights the role of electro hydraulic solutions in modern industrial applications. Established for more than 200 years as an efficient and convenient way of delivering power to a myriad of industrial applications, hydraulic systems today remain at the heart of industrial processes across an enormous spectrum of sectors. The advantages


“Variable speed is the key”

Interview with Achim Richartz Variable speed pump drives are supposed to make hydraulic machines more effcient. If it was up to Achim Richartz, Product Manager for industrial hydraulics control systems at Bosch Rexroth, we would only talk about electro-hydraulic systems instead of electronics or hydraulics in the future. Mr. Richartz, you are the head of

Hydraulikaggregate neu gedacht!

New design for hydraulic power units

Optimum power, less installation space: Thanks to new intellectual and design approaches, compact hydraulic power units increase the economic efficiency of machine tools. Powerful force in a very confined space In the production world, hydraulics are firmly established. Machine tool manufacturers appreciate hydraulics for their high power density, toughness and modular design. In the lower

Bild 1: AC-Regelventile – mit integrierter Achsregelung und Multi-Ethernet-Schnittstelle

Embedding axis controllers made by any manufacturer

Automating hydraulic drives as easily and conveniently as electrical ones with combined monitoring and remote maintenance of all the technologies used – this increasingly important economic requirement can be fulfilled using valves with integrated axis controllers (IAC). What can they offer and how easy is it to implement manufacturer-independent integration at controller level? Bus systems

„Die hydraulische Ventiltechnik wird von Vernetzbarkeit profitieren“ Interview Dr. Steffen Haack

Hydraulic valves will benefit from connectivity

  What are the current market requirements for hydraulic valves? We are currently experiencing a transition from classic, analogous hydraulics to connectable digital fluid technology. European machine manufacturers in particular are increasingly digitizing their machine designs and expect that hydraulics can be seamlessly embedded into these connected environments. This means that regarding the level of

Bosch-Rexroth New filter materials for hydraulic systems: Longer service life and reduced operating costs

Innovative filtration reduce TCO

Bosch Rexroth is introducing a new generation of fi lter media, using state-of-the-art materials and advanced designs to protect hydraulic systems, reduce overall costs and improve hydraulic total cost of ownership (TCO). No other industrial and manufacturing drive technology provides the power density, life cycle performance and resistance to adverse environmental conditions off ered by