An immediate insight into production

Did you think IoT machine optimization is complicated and time-consuming? With this complete solution, you can get started straight away and achieve your first results after just a few minutes. With no laborious preparations or annoying programming. Stop your IoT headaches Are you one of those people who urgently want to optimize machines, workstations or

Press with IoT turbo? Connecting presses: get off to a flying start

With IoT technologies (Internet of Things) and digitized components, it is not only possible to satisfy central customer requirements more quickly, more intuitively and at lower cost. New business models such as pay per use are also opening up opportunities for extra revenue. At the EuroBLECH 2018, Bosch Rexroth will show how this works in

IoT and Forming Technology: Connecting Presses – why and how?

Connectivity with IoT technologies (Internet of Things) enables press manufacturers to face up to the typical challenges of forming in a way that is more cost effective, faster and more intuitive than classic automation tools. Digitalization available across a range of topologies is the basis for new business models such as availability as a service

IoT use cases implemented quicker with multi-sensors – Part 3

Multi-sensors are an extension of the sensory organs of employees in the factory of the future. The new SCD Sensor from Bosch Rexroth concentrates several sensors at once on the smallest space possible. The technicians of tomorrow therefore already have diverse options to collect data more cost-effectively and implement IoT use cases quicker and easier.

Digital multimeter as an icebreaker for IoT projects – Part 2

With the new SCD Sensor, Bosch Rexroth now meets the omnipresent requirement of machine manufacturers and users for considerably easier and cheaper data collection. This is possible both in already networked environments and in combination with non-connective products. Sense Connect Detect – the new SCD Sensor from Bosch Rexroth The innovative digital all-rounder for IoT

IoT sensors: The senses of the Factory of the Future – Part 1

Sensors are the sensory organs of the factory of the future. To cover as many IoT applications as cost-effectively as possible, they must communicate wirelessly and energy-efficiently and simplify what has to date been complex data collection. Data collection in IoT projects is too time-consuming Data is the raw material of the factory of the

Economical and intelligent: Handling solutions reconceived

The market for handling and robotic solutions is highly price-driven, yet still leaves room for disruptive ideas. Bosch Rexroth provides proof of this with an advanced solution package for Cartesian kinematics. It combines an economical industrial controller with state-of-the-art web technology and assured instruction via a standard tablet. The result: minimum investment costs and maximum

Improving OEE as Pay-per-use? Yes!

Philipp Osterwalders post on “how to connect a machine in just 4 hours” is an impressive report on pace in Industry 4.0 projects. The use case he shared with us is on Filter Monitoring. The implementation site of the project is at Bosch Rexroth plant in Homburg. About 25 percent of failure costs for long-term

Smart products: Bosch Rexroth puts i4.0 into practice

By 2020 there won’t just be seven billion connected people, there will also be 50 billion connected devices. The fast-paced development of the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way in which people and technology interact. What does this mean? What answers can Bosch Rexroth give users and mechanical engineers of today about the