intelligent pump control

Elektrohydraulische Pumpenregelung HPC von Rexroth

Pump control – simple or intelligent?

Control pumps have a fixed place in hydraulics. Your advantage: They only provide as much flow and/or power as is required for the specified movement task. But which pump control  is suitable for which application? Mechanical-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic pump control? What are the differences? The advantages and disadvantages of the two pump control types can

Elektrohydraulische Pumpenregelung HPC (re.) und Axialkolbenpumpe mit HS5-Verstellung (li.) von Rexroth

Pump control: Which is the right one?

With or without control cabinet ? Intelligent or simple hydraulic pump control? This selection guide should heplu you to find the right  pump control.  Automation experts agree: In increasingly cross-linked production environments on the way to Industry 4.0, remote smart drives will be the solution of the future. Provided that they are able to communicate

Hydraulikaggregate neu gedacht!

New design for hydraulic power units

Optimum power, less installation space: Thanks to new intellectual and design approaches, compact hydraulic power units increase the economic efficiency of machine tools. Powerful force in a very confined space In the production world, hydraulics are firmly established. Machine tool manufacturers appreciate hydraulics for their high power density, toughness and modular design. In the lower