Hydraulic pump control

Elektrohydraulische Pumpenregelung HPC von Rexroth

Pump control – simple or intelligent?

Control pumps have a fixed place in hydraulics. Your advantage: They only provide as much flow and/or power as is required for the specified movement task. But which pump control  is suitable for which application? Mechanical-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic pump control? What are the differences? The advantages and disadvantages of the two pump control types can

Elektrohydraulische Pumpenregelung HPC (re.) und Axialkolbenpumpe mit HS5-Verstellung (li.) von Rexroth

Pump control: Which is the right one?

With or without control cabinet ? Intelligent or simple hydraulic pump control? This selection guide should heplu you to find the right  pump control.  Automation experts agree: In increasingly cross-linked production environments on the way to Industry 4.0, remote smart drives will be the solution of the future. Provided that they are able to communicate