energy efficiency

Stay cool – efficient cooling system for the railway

Fan drives in rail vehicles improve energy efficiency and require less space Manufacturers of rail vehicles require cooling systems that are more efficiently controlled in order to comply with new exhaust gas emission limits and reduce energy consumption. In order to achieve this, diesel engines air intake and electrical main drives have to maintain ever

New hydraulic-design for presses

New drive concept makes hydraulics economical and intelligent By means of variable-speed pump drives, new, patented hydraulic axes simplify the design and control of presses of any kind. They considerably reduce the power consumption as well as the required oil quantity by up to 90 percent. To this extent, the control technology of a valve

Power Units 4.0

Hydraulic power units 4.0

Future hydraulic power units will differ fundamentally from the assemblies we are accustomed to today. With its own intelligence and sensor technology, the latest generation already increased flexibility, energy efficiency and availability through condition monitoring. Simultaneously, the design has been changed to an extent previously not imaginable. The latest hydraulic power units are encapsulated, and

Hydraulikaggregate neu gedacht!

New design for hydraulic power units

Optimum power, less installation space: Thanks to new intellectual and design approaches, compact hydraulic power units increase the economic efficiency of machine tools. Powerful force in a very confined space In the production world, hydraulics are firmly established. Machine tool manufacturers appreciate hydraulics for their high power density, toughness and modular design. In the lower