Achieving more together

DMS and Bosch Rexroth are driving forward building automation.   Needs-based maintenance, smart buildings, cloud computing and effective data protection: a building automator who wants to remain competitive in the long term must embrace the latest trends in the sector. In view of this fact, DMS, Digitale Mess- und Steuersysteme AG has been a partner

IoT use cases implemented quicker with multi-sensors – Part 3

Multi-sensors are an extension of the sensory organs of employees in the factory of the future. The new SCD Sensor from Bosch Rexroth concentrates several sensors at once on the smallest space possible. The technicians of tomorrow therefore already have diverse options to collect data more cost-effectively and implement IoT use cases quicker and easier.

Digital multimeter as an icebreaker for IoT projects – Part 2

With the new SCD Sensor, Bosch Rexroth now meets the omnipresent requirement of machine manufacturers and users for considerably easier and cheaper data collection. This is possible both in already networked environments and in combination with non-connective products. Sense Connect Detect – the new SCD Sensor from Bosch Rexroth The innovative digital all-rounder for IoT

IoT sensors: The senses of the Factory of the Future – Part 1

Sensors are the sensory organs of the factory of the future. To cover as many IoT applications as cost-effectively as possible, they must communicate wirelessly and energy-efficiently and simplify what has to date been complex data collection. Data collection in IoT projects is too time-consuming Data is the raw material of the factory of the

Economical and intelligent: Handling solutions reconceived

The market for handling and robotic solutions is highly price-driven, yet still leaves room for disruptive ideas. Bosch Rexroth provides proof of this with an advanced solution package for Cartesian kinematics. It combines an economical industrial controller with state-of-the-art web technology and assured instruction via a standard tablet. The result: minimum investment costs and maximum

Battery production: Increased capacity through intelligent automation

Manufacturers of modern energy storage systems are faced with the challenge of developing high-quality batteries offering better performance and marketing them in large numbers in the short term. How can automation help when it comes to producing various models and batch sizes not only quickly and flexibly but also in an economical and environmentally friendly

The digital twin is the key to the Factory of the Future – Part II

The modular assembly line of Dassault Systèmes and Bosch Rexroth presented at the Hannover Messe is the result of a change in perspective. Planning production processes coming from the product, instead of the machines – that is what the digital twin can put into effect. Marketplaces for digital twins, IoT Gateway software and open standards

Time is money: snappy automation of testing machines

Usefully combining automation and IT is not only typical of Industry 4.0. In the engineering of measuring and testing machines, open interfaces also unleash great potential for efficiency. With the aid of National Instruments’ LabVIEW graphic programming environment and Open Core Engineering, they can now be modelled and automated in an integrated manner without creating

One for all: Motion logic control for robots too

How can robots be integrated into the familiar automation world that we know in order to simplify engineering? Very easily. With a highly-connective motion logic control (MLC) that speaks, translates and standardizes the robot’s language. This reduces not only the cost of packaging and production machines, but also their time-to-market. Each robot system has its

“We are the automation engineers for the factory of the future.”

As head of the new Rexroth business unit Automation & Electrification Solutions (AE) I am frequently asked where the journey is headed strategically and technologically. Here are our ideas and what our customers can expect.   Automation and electrification The name more or less explains its function: In the new business unit Automation & Electrification