An immediate insight into production

Did you think IoT machine optimization is complicated and time-consuming? With this complete solution, you can get started straight away and achieve your first results after just a few minutes. With no laborious preparations or annoying programming.

Stop your IoT headaches

Are you one of those people who urgently want to optimize machines, workstations or entire production lines but are still waiting to do so because IoT (Internet of Things) implementation is simply too time-consuming? Sensors and hardware have to be laboriously selected and tuned, programming takes hours or days, and in the end an incompatible piecework may result that cannot be rolled out easily? There is now a cure for these headaches – a system solution which, after a short set-up time, carries out the required analyses and visualizes the result: IoT Insights

All-in package

With IoT Insights, machine operators get a compact, industry-capable and CE-certified IoT Rack which contains all key IoT building blocks: sensors, hardware, gateway and visualization connection. The software is pre-installed and, after a brief configuration, you can start carrying out local analyses and evaluations. If your use case requires more computing power, you can simply integrate a cloud service such as the Production Performance Manager (PPM). In conjunction with a scaled IoT Insights solution, you can optimize entire plants and benefit for example from cross-site OEE comparisons.

Performance Manager (PPM). In conjunction with a scaled IoT Insights solution, you can optimize entire plants and benefit for example from cross-site OEE comparisons.

All in: complete IoT Insights solution with IoT Rack, sensors, gateway and dashboard software for visualization.

Unpack the IoT Rack and get started

The IoT Rack with protection class IP65 comes fully prepared. As a result, there is no need to waste time selecting hardware and do programming and installing. If necessary, the I/O modules that it contains can easily be expanded in a modular fashion. The sensor problem can be solved easily too. The IoT Gateway software which comes pre-installed on an industrial PC automatically registers sensors. As a convenient option, the overall package includes the CISS multi-sensor solution from Bosch and, in the future, will feature the SCD network-capable multi-sensor too. As a result, up to eight measurements per sensor (temperature, vibration, magnetism etc.) can be recorded simultaneously. The IoT Gateway is set up via the web with the help of assistants. In order to specify devices (sensors, control systems) and processing procedures, you do not need to do any programming. You simply need to select and parametrize them. As a result, the flow of data can start within a few minutes.

Plug and play: the IoT Gateway software detects connected sensors and control systems and provides a wide range of processing options (via processing apps).

Simple local analysis – the IoT Insights Dashboard Software

At the moment, the production or organizational data collected by the IoT Gateway are simply visualized and compared with the relevant target values. With the IoT Insights dashboard software as a further part of the complete solution, machine operators have exactly the tool that they need. After a brief, web-based set-up using assistants, the monitoring of individual machines or workstations can begin immediately. If extended to cover a number of units, several IoT Racks can allow revealing comparisons within a line. In the event of relevant deviations from a target value, you are informed via alarms or messages (e.g. via e-mail). Subsequent evaluations are also possible because the data history is stored in a database in a structured and standardized manner in accordance with a digital twin architecture.

Machine optimization made easy: once the IoT Gateway is set up, IoT Insights provides immediate insights into the sensor systems’ measured data.

Proven fusion of automation and i4.0

Is experimenting not your thing? With IoT Insights, everything fits together – from the sensor to the analysis layer and even as far as the cloud level. All automation and IoT building blocks are tried and tested, which means that future-proofing is built in so to speak. The IoT Gateway software thus supports numerous open standards such as OPC UA. This offers benefits including the crucial connectivity for expansions, for example the Heatmap software from Bosch Connected Industry. Comparable with traffic jam displays in route planner apps, it shows bottlenecks and delays in your value flow at a glance. And what about security? Numerous security functions such as encrypted OPC UA communication, an IoT firewall and VPN access are provided. In order to offer functions geared to specific needs, IoT Insights is available in two levels. IoT Insights Standard provides an easy entry to the IoT world. Operators can evaluate two machines with the software solution. In contrast, IoT Insights Advanced including IoT Rack Edge Computing offers a high degree of flexibility because it is not restricted to two machines and allows a quick sampling rate.

Optimize like IoT experts

With IoT Insights from Bosch Rexroth, you can become an IoT professional in no time at all. Because there are no technical hurdles preventing implementation, you can get started straight away. Did you know that this solution has been in use for some time now? Bosch Rexroth Service and external consultancy companies use it to reveal potential for improvements in production, allowing companies to react quickly in the event of deviations from targets. Are you curious? Set up the rack, wire it, set up the system and gain an insight straight away!

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About the Author:

is the Director Market and Product Management PLC and IoT Systems at Bosch Rexroth AG in Lohr am Main, Germany. He has got a diploma degree of Electrical Engineering and a master degree in Industrial Management and started his professional career in Argentina working as an independent automation engineer. Since 2007 he has been working with Bosch Rexroth's packaging machine building and FMCG customers. Since July 2017 he is responsible for Bosch Rexroth's PLC Automation and IoT Solution business.

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